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Our Executives

Global buzz founded as a two person team in 2007, by Mr. Mahesh A Talwar and Ms. Muktha Rao. Global buzz was built on their shared passion and vision to develop a new approach towards online presence.

Mahesh A Talawar, Chief Executive and Co-founder

Mr. Mahesh A Talwar - head of Sales and Client Engagement, is responsible for building long term relationships with our esteemed clients. In this role, he directs the on-and-offline Sales & Marketing campaigns that fuel the organization's growth, while ensuring that solution development is tailored to individual organizations and wholly addresses clients' needs. His role is not limited to marketing. As a head of Creative team, he is also responsible to design innovative and user friendly applications that consistently delight customers.

Muktha Rao, Managing Director and Co-founder

Ms. Muktha Rao leads the corporate leadership team. She plays an active role in building the vision for Global Buzz and organizing the resources to successfully implement that vision into reality. She always believes in going to the deep of customer requirements and coming up with most creative and high-end solutions to meet their specifications. As a technology expert she is also responsible for overall development of projects which includes strategy, design, development, quality, and data center operations. She also actively participate in building and energizing highly effective teams.

Apoorva Anand, Chief Technology Officer

Ms. Apoorva Anand is a Self - motivated enthusiastic person who believes in success through hard work and dedication. She is responsible for setting the technical and strategic directions for the projects under her control and is accountable for the quality and timeliness of the deliverables. Ms. Apoorva Anand also inspires team internally around the long-term technical vision of the company and monitors its performance to ensure goals and objectives are achieved on a consistent basis.

Anant B Talawar - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Anath B Talwar serves as Chief Financial Officer with the responsibility for driving all financial activities in the organization. He is a retired Audit Officer of Govt of Karnataka and has more than 5 decades of experience in financial management.

P. Krishna Murthy Rao - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Krishna Murthy Rao serves as Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that proper management of resources, delivery of project and services to customers are provided. He is a retired Bank Manager and has more than 4 decades of experience in financial management and leadership experience.

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